Text Intervals - In Time

Progressive, forward thinking, instrumental, guitar driven metal, with a tasteful melodic fusion edge. It’s impossible not to want to listen to these tracks again and again. Their use of electronica and clean production is so precise that it stands up shoulders high, if not above any release out there. This EP yields sheer finesse in its execution, with hooks and melodies that are catchy, fun and memorable and most importantly so easy to listen to that you’ll quite possibly find yourself humming and singing, or if you are a guitarist yourself, wanting to play along, and maybe even learn some of the parts.
In Time has some of the most expressive and thoughtful guitar playing that I’ve heard in a long time, playing that is both very technical but also with immense feeling.
A high quality realise that is available for free or name your price, a decision that I’m certain has quickly developed them a broad base of support, with more paying customers for events and shows early on in their career. A must listen for fans of beautiful but powerful music.

Price: Pay what you want.
Where: Stumbled across their music on YouTube.


Text Akkeshi Contamination Quintet - An Operator’s Manual

An Operator’s Manual is not a release that can be summarised in a few words, nor does it fit neatly into a genre or sub genre. It is broad, complex, varied, and draws on the range of musical interests of the five group members, if indeed there are five members in the first place…
What you’ll find on their Bandcamp page are trails that lead to dead ends and smokescreens. What you’ll find in this release is everything from noodling to nuance, as samples (some sounding purposefully general midi/lo-fi), live playing and programming combine to concoct music that is very much of this time and this era - think of it as a pitstop tour around a city bustling with music, rather than a night sat in the back of a Jazz club that still smells of last the millennium’s cigarette smoke. I can hear elements of Jan Hammer, Prefuse 73, 90s era dance music and Saint Germain Cafe nu-jazz, intertwined with experimental rock wrapped in an avant-garde aesthetic.
At the end of the album you might be left, as I am, unable to pinpoint the singular activity of five musicians in this album’s writhing mass, but the journey is such a colourful one that the mystery is one of beautiful intrigue.
Hollywood Cigarette and The 2D Road stand out the most for me so far.

Price: Pay what you want.
Where: Through being followed by them on Twitter.


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